About Us

Kalıpsan Defense Aviation Metal Mold Industry and TİC.LTD. STI. He started his career in 1984 with sheet metal molding and eccentric press printing works. With its nearly 40 years of professional experience, it provides services to the electricity, energy, automotive, white goods and defense industries by following the changing technology.Kalıpsan Defense Aviation, which is in an effort to keep up with the changing and developing technology with its own investments, continues its activities by keeping quality understanding and customer satisfaction in the foreground.Constantly renewing and improving its understanding of quality, Kalıpsan Defense Aviation continues to implement its ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, which it acquired a long time ago, by constantly improving


Our main fields of activity are sheet metal molding, eccentric press printing works, wire erosion works, surface grinding and machining. It provides services to general manufacturing and machinery sectors, defense industry, construction, furniture sector and automotive sectors. KALIPSAN has acquired many new equipments and machines by adapting rapidly to defense developing technology. Today, our company continues its service by improving its quality understanding in the workplace of Sincan OSB in 3000 closed total area of ​​10000 thousand M2 with 45 staff.

Organization Chart

General ManagerAdnan KELEŞ Factory ManagerEnder KARACA AccountingAbdurrahman ZAN Purchasing and administrative affairs Halil öZDEMİR ArgeEmrah YAŞAR PlanningSüleyman BALABANHakan özgür ERDEMOĞLU CNC Sefa YILMAZ Maintenance Derşan AYKUT